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How to choose the target board, how to create a new fpga design selecting a template, how change a previously created design

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FEWE HELP: The Fpga editor Overview

When the Easy Fpga Editor will be started , a list window will appear...you’ll have to select

  • Which hardware that meets your needs (a target board)
  • A template, a collection of IPs, to create a new system.
  • Otherwise, you can also  edit  your previously created system.


The Easy Fpga Editor Main window, editing of a FPGA IP and I/O pins is shown

When you choose what want to do the editor page will be opened, it will look like the one on the right will appear.. You Will do:

  • Add Remove IP
  • Edit the FPGA I/O routing them to IP pins
  • Edit IP pins routing them to FPGA I/O
  • View IP data sheet


When you’ll complete the editing to "start the games" on your fpga you’ll have to:

  • Generate and Save the system
  • Download the target board support package. It includes C compilation support files, dll, libs and user manual.
  • Download Your system customized files


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