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How to use JTAG Technologies Live tools and Python Language in hardware debugging

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JTAG Live Clips and Script (Python) Videos

JTAG Live Part 1 - Testing the boundary-scan chain

Using JTAG You can Verify the JTAG chain on Your board before carry-out with the programming or other kinds of checks.


JTAG Live Part 2 - Sampling pins and testing connections

Using Live tools You can manage any components pins on Your board to verify stuck fault, wire bridge and open, pullup and so on.



JTAG Live Part 3 - Using ’Clip’ for non-JTAG device/cluster testing

JTAG Technologies Clip can help You to stimulate some logics inside Your board and verify the results. It will also be used on components that doesn’t support JTAG operations.



JTAG Live Part 4 - Boundary-scan testing using Python language

JTAG Technologies Live using Python Language makes easy the check any logic when You have some doubts on its functionality.... this way, the Live tool allows You to distinguish between functional or manufacturing issues


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