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Fewe Help Page 3

How to choose the target board, how to create a new fpga design selecting a template, how change a previously created design

FEWE HELP: The Fpga editor Overview

When the Easy Fpga Editor will be started , a list window will appear…you’ll have to select

  • Which hardware that meets your needs (a target board)
  • A template, a collection of IPs, to create a new system.
  • Otherwise, you can also  edit  your previously created system.

When you choose what want to do the editor page will be opened, it will look like the one on the right will appear.. You Will do:

  • Add Remove IP
  • Edit the FPGA I/O routing them to IP pins
  • Edit IP pins routing them to FPGA I/O
  • View IP data sheet

When you’ll complete the editing to “start the games” on your fpga you’ll have to:

  • Generate and Save the system
  • Download the target board support package. It includes C compilation support files, dll, libs and user manual.
  • Download Your system customized files