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Fewe Help Page 4

FPGA Editor, how add/remove an IP, how bring out a IP pin. The Fpga code generation and the report

FEWE HELP: Select a target board, create or edit a system

When you decide to click the pick push button a list of target board that you can use will appear…

When you have chosen the target board, you will have to click the button   To open the list of the templates available for a target board.

A list of available templates will appear under the chosen target board, also a list of your already created system can appear…

You could choose to use one of the three push button…

 Just to peek the template in the FEWE how when you will create your system

 To get the template data sheet

 To tray to create your system starting from this template.

If you already have edit some systems in the past also the list of your systems will appear. One list for each system, with the name that you have defined when was saving it.

For each system you can:

 Edit the System to do some changes and generate it again

 Delete the system