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Fewe Help Page 6

Fpga Editor commands, how save the design, how download the generated files

FEWE HELP: How generate FPGA code

Come on, we got to the end

You should perform the following two operations just:

Make and Save… by Clicking on the Make&Save button your system will be compiled and saved. A system name and login will be asked during save.

Download the System… by Clicking on Download button you can pick two set of compressed files, two push button will be shown….

  • Push this to download the support files: drivers, user manual, board support file (bsp), fpga config file, etc.
  •  Push this to download your system specific generated files, headers, in it procedures, pin mapping report, etc

Quartus Prime programmer and USB blaster could be needed.

In addition to the listed needed steps you can:

  • View the I/O pins placement  on the board connectors by clicking on the its gray box
  • View these pages clicking on the help button.