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Design, industrialization, integration and testing of electronic systems.

GEB Focus

Bondary Scan, Fpga Design, PCIe expansion, fpga courses (Corsi FPGA)

Photo is showing an Altera Fpgas hosted on PCIE fpga board.  Pcie port, Pcie i2c, Pcie spi, Pcie expander, Pcie expansion, Pcie pio can be build on the Mini PCIe or PCIe Standard.

The GEB Enterprise mission is to provide  our Customer with highly specialized new technology support services, assisting the Customer design, industrialization and testing of complex electronic systems and delivering to the Customer  highly competitive solutions. The use of state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies  allow the GEB Enterprise to  establish an unprecedented added value for our Customers.


The GEB Enterprise main focus is on the design of digital boards, SOM (System On Module), PCIe Interface for embedded PC, Boundary Scan Test program and fixtures (JTAG).


GEB Enterprise is a member of the Intel® DSN Solution Network of Intel Programmable Solutions Group (Intel PSG, formerly Altera). GEB Enterprise is also an ATPP partner, authorized to teach Intel® PSG FPGA Technical Trainings.


GEB Enterprise is a development center AAP certified by "JTAG Technologies (NL)" for JTAG test programs.


The GEB Enterprise is certificated UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by TUV. Through its qualified partner companies.




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Courses and Training - (27 giugno 2017)

>> Intel@ PSG (Altera) Fpga Training Flow

Qui puoi vedere il flusso e la pianificazione dei corsi  FPGA questi sono stati pensati grazie alla nostra trentennale esperienza per portarti ai massimi livelli nella metodologia di  progettazione FPGA massimizzando la tua produttività. Here you can see the flow and schedule of FPGA courses these have been designed to bring ...

Courses and Training - (27 giugno 2017)

>> Q3-Q4 2017 Upcoming Fpga Courses Table

Description Days Dates Cost Book VEC100: Introduzione al VHDL VEC100E: Introduction to VHDL 2 27-28 Sept. 960€ VEC102: Introduzione a Quartus Prime VEC102E: Quartus Prime Foundation 2 3-4 Oct. 960€ VEC110: Introduzione a QSYS System Integration VEC110E: Introduction to QSYS System Integration 2 10-11 Oct. 960€ VEC107: Introduzione alla Timing ...


GEB Enterprise has reached on PCIe card Family (Altera Cyclone4-GX) a continuos transfer rate of 256Mbytes/Sec. in full duplex read/write on  128Mbytes Lenght  Click to read short Article



GEB Enterprise has reached on PCIe card Family (Altera Cyclone4-GX) a transfer rate of 154Mbytes/Sec. in half duplex Read DMA with 1Mbytes Lenght  Click to read short Article


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