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Low-Cost Boundary-Scan I/O Hardware

Simplex4, Boundary Scan Parallel I/O Carrier

A low cost carrier allow a rapid fixture buinding

The CARRIER4 is the ideal low cost solution for the creation of fixtures for BSCAN (JTAG) tests of low-to-midrange complexity electronic boards. CARRIER4 can control up to 312 independent I/Os, it can be equipped with BSPIO modules that allow both standard TTL digital connections and interfaces, multivoltage electrical levels such as RS232, RS485, LVDS, Current loop and discrete high voltage (15-28V).


  • Modular test system with up to 312 independent I/Os  
  • Low cost, low customization time  
  • High mechanical reliability, DIN41612 connectors with screw terminals  
  • Compatible with standard JTAG/IEEE 1149.1 boundary-scan  
  • 3V3 internal power supply  
  • I/O configuration provided by 4 BSPIO modules  
  • TCK clock with high average frequency (10MHz), set to typical UUT frequency  
  • Size: 191x107x80mm
  • Weight: 0.4Kg

SIMPLEX4 is a bundle of one CARRIER4 module and  four BSPIO modules, assembled, tested and provided of all support files for JTAG Thecnologies (Classic and Provision) and Goepel tools. See data sheet for available configuration.

Up to 4xCARRIER4 modules can be connected in a daisy chain in order to achieve up to 1248 I/O channels.

The TAP output can also be connected to a chain on the UUT.

With respect to the location in the BS-chain, the CARRIER4 adapter unit may be put anywhere:

  • Between tester and UUT.
  • Stand alone controlled by a separate JTAG port.
  • Any combination of the above.