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Optimizing OpenCL on Intel FPGA

Write, load and run an OPENCL Code on an Intel FPGA

VEC321E: Optimizing OpenCL for Intel® FPGA

Fpga programming courses series

This course covers the optimization techniques needed to implement a high performance OpenCL® solution on an FPGA using the Intel® SDK for OpenCL. We will discuss good coding design practices, ways to improve data processing efficiency, memory access efficiencies, and host side optimizations. We will also focus on Intel® SDK for OpenCL specific features that can significantly improve OpenCL performance on FPGAs compared to other platforms.

Course duration: 2 days

At Course Completion you will be able to:

  • Use good coding design practices to implement a high performance OpenCL FPGA system
  • Apply multiple methods to improve data processing efficiency of OpenCL kernels
  • Improve memory access efficiencies in the system
  • Optimize host side operations
  • Understand Intel® specific features that will significantly boost the performance of an OpenCL solution

Prerequisites and Skills Required:

  • Completion of the training VEC311, Parallel Computing with OpenCL or Attendance of the Parallel Computing with OpenCL Workshop or a good understanding of the OpenCL standards