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Intel’s SOC Fpga Boards are used in the Training

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Training SOC KIT

GEB makes available a Fpga System On Module (SOM) training Kit thought to simplify the learning process of the SOM Fpga design on both hardware and software point of view.

The kit includes, for each trainee, all in one that you need to start with Intel® (Altera®) ARM-SOC, hardware, teaching materials, training subscription. It’ll make allow the possibility  to follow the SOC training process from the class up to all first SOM systems, that will be developed and tested inside your office.

The hardware starts from an Intel® development SOC development board adding some features such as an I/O board, hosted on the HSMC connector, that bring out some simple I/O ports and drives a LCD display.

The four days training is divided in two sessions, the first one is mainly dedicated to the hardware, the second one will explore the software aspect paying special attention to the Linux OS start up.

You’ll find the detailed course program on this page bottom.

Sessions program details are here

The hardware session, here you’ll learn to design Fpga systems containing the ARM® Cortex-A9 Hard Processor System (HPS). This focuses on the hardware aspects of designing the SoC system & includes hands-on labs to get you up & running quickly. Learn to add & configure the processor component into a Qsys system.
You’ll perform debug of the hardware system using standard debug tools such as SignalTap II logic analyzer & System Console.  You’ll perform low-level debug of the Training Kit interacting with the software debugger.
At the accomplishment , you’ll be able to use the SoC device in your own design

The Software session, that is oriented to firmware and low-level software engineers and is intended to teach you about software bring-up and development on the embedded ARM® Cortex-A9 in a SoC.
The session isn’t intended to teach you software application or driver development, but rather concentrates on the unique aspects of the embedded HPS software flow in an Intel® SoC.
You’ll learn everything needed to get started developing software for the HPS system, where to go for additional help, as well as how to use the Intel® edition of the ARM DS-5 software development tool to debug your software.

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