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MicroTap low cost Bscan Controller

The GEB MicroTap is a low Cost JTAG (BSCAN) controller with medium performance, it makes available the cheapest solution to run BSCAN test on Your Boards

How and where You can use the USB MicroTap controller

The GEB MicroTap is a low Cost JTAG (BSCAN) controller with medium performance; it make available the cheapest solution that can be fitted in the our test equipment. GEB MicroTap integrates the BSCAN controller and pod, allowing our boards or systems to be tested using Bscan Tools.  The physical connection has been made using a standard USBII PC port.  In fact the MicroTap is a bridge between a standard USB and one or more BSCAN Taps.

Using the MicroTap we also can use all JTAG tools on our boards without buying any expensive controller-pod. MicroTap BSCAN controller pod make us able to:

  • Run our Bscan Test up to 6MHz
  • Use up to 5 Taps
  • Use all JTAG Technologies BSCAN tools
  • Simplify our fixture that will be connect to the host computer just using a USB cable

Often, the BSCAN Controllers have been thought to be used in engineering area, these kinds of controllers have the best performance but it are too expensive. Furthermore the controller case and its cables are designed to be used in Engineering department, two or three boxes connect together to the Fixture using a lot of cables. It could be pitifully usable in our applications.
The GEB MicroTap  is fully compatible with all JTAG Technologies’ tools such as JTAG ProVisionTM, Jtag Functional test JFT, Production package (PSA), Production Integration Packages for LabVIEW, LabWindows, TestStand, C/C++ and Visual Basic. According to JTAG tools, using JTAG-Live, just one TAP can be used.