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Mini PCIe to Raspberry

Mini PCIe board with an Intel (Altera) FPGA to Raspberry I/O

Raspberry I/O on mini PCIe

With a Cyclone IV Altera FPGA

PCIe2RasPI adapter makes able the embedded PCIE motherboards to host all Raspberry I/O boards.

The PCIe2RasPI adapter, connected on the mini PCIe I/O connector and the programmable FPGA make available the same pins function available on the Raspberry and much more… the extras available pins can be used to give functionality and speed what cannot be reached with software implementation on the Raspberry CPU.

The PCIe2RasPI adapter routes the FPGA I/O pins to the standard Raspberry 40 ways J8 I/O connector, compatible A+, B+ and B2 versions. The peripherals that can be loaded on FPGA emulates the Raspberry Peripherals allowing the running of PC software under MS-Windows or Linux. Obviously, FPGA can host a superset of Raspberry interfaces, on all the connectors pins you can override the standard pin and set lot of different interfaces such as synchro, encoder, pwm, sio, spi, i2c, or also high-speed fifo. For instance, we can have 24xPWM channels.

The Kit includes:

  • One 151007A1 Mini PCIE to Raspberry I/O Modules adapter
  • One 100801A2 Mini PCIE Fpga Board with Altera Cyclone IV EP4CGX15BF14C7N
  • One 100997A2 MBBA Adapter need if you would re-load the FPGA with others program files
  • One CD with Windows and Linux Drivers
  • One year FEWE license with access to all Mini PCIe templates (All pre cooked Systems).

Developmet tools inside the kit. Many applications can be developed using the FEWE tool (Fpga Easy Web Editor) a GEB Enterprise Free tools that allows the users to customize the own application starting from some template created by GEB. User defined templates can be requested to GEB using the related template specification form. Fpga contents can be developed also using the traditional Altera QuartusII flow or asking for a customization to GEB Enterprise.

The PCIe mini Interface Board with Altera Fpga. The standard Mini PCIe form factor is ideal for many kinds of applications; it is present on many compact PC motherboards such as Intel Galileo and Advantech MIO-5250 The PCIEM-15-IO can host either Altera Cyclone IV GX EP4CGX30BF14C6N or EP4CGX15BF14C7N FPGA.

Buy Online

  • 151007A1: Mini PCIE to Raspberry I/O Modules adapter
  • 151007K1: Mini PCIE to Raspberry I/O SMILE Kit
  • 100801A2: Equipped with EP4CGX15BF14C7N Fpga
  • 100801A4: Equipped with EP4CGX30BF14C6N Fpga
  • 100997A2: MBBA adpter, required for programming