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PCIe Cabled DownStream board, up to 230Mbytes/sec. Fpga System and DMA Driver

Cyclone4GX PCIe DownStream

This product allows to extending the host PCI Express bus through a high-speed cable. Using a PCIe compliant cable, the PCI Express bus can be extended up to seven meters from the host CPU.

PCI Express on cable is the first architecture supporting high-end embedded applications, it is a PCI and PCIe compatible expansion and extension cable. PCI Express officially abbreviated as PCIe, is a computer expansion standard card  designed to replace the older PCI, PCI-X, and AGP standards.  PCI Express standard has been developed by PCI-SIG group.

Transmitting the host bus over copper cables opens a new world in the embedded design area. The PCIe cabling solution allows a system configuration having a high-end computing core in a cooled area that is hosting an embedded and remote I/O subsystems, with different thermal environment. The host and I/O system may have different form factors, specifically suited for the environmental or performance requirements of each sub-system. For example, a high-end, dual Intel Xeon class host system provides the user with the computing power for an and a high-speed data link to a high-end embedded I/O subsystem based on MicroTCA, PC/104, 3U CompactPCI Express, or proprietary form factor.


  • Downstream PCI Express on Cable Interface
  • Up to 230Mbytes/sec transfer rate in burst (DMA) full duplex read and write access
  • Up to 10 Mbytes/sec transfer rate in single random read/write access
  • Up to 150Mbytes/sec transfer rate in burst (DMA) half duplex read or write access
  • 53 LVTTL 3V3 digital I/O user channels, each one with independent sense, drive, bi-directional, and tri-state capabilities
  • 2 User LVTTL output clocks (1 output with dedicated PLL)
  • 1 User LVTTL input clocks with dedicated PLL
  • Single 3V3 Power Supply
  • High density connector , 1x Samtech QSH-030-01-L-DA-RT1 on bottom side
  • Medium density connectors , 2x Samtech FTS-1XX-02-F-DV on top side
  • Peripheral to host wake up support
  • Remote host to peripheral power on support
  • Hot insertion support
  • User resources available on FPGA:
    • EP4CGX15BF14C7N: 14400LE, 540Kbits RAM, 3xPLL
    • EP4CGX30BF14C6N: 29440LE, 1080Kbits RAM, 4xPLLs, 80xMult.18X18
  • Boot device
  • Power on monitor and reset circuitry
  • One test access port (TAP) to control the I/O channels
  • On board crystal oscillator
  • Boundary-scan, JTAG/IEEE 1149.1 standard compatible
  • Board size: 50×67 mm.
  • Optional 2MBytes add-on module

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  • 100816A1: Equipped with EP4CGX15BF14C7N Fpga and Samtec FTS connectors.
  • 100816A2: Equipped with EP4CGX30BF14C6N Fpga and Samtec FTS connectors.
  • 100997A2: MBBA adpter, required for programming