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SmartBOX PC and FPGA integrated

Intel (Altera) CycloneIVGX, Fpga, ATOM CPU, drivers and Windows Embedded integrated together, ready to be used in few minuts, is a compact, cheap and performant solution where build an equipment

Fpga, ATOM CPU, drivers and Windows Embedded integrated together

The GEB Enterprise Smart Customizable Equipment (SCE) is a product that was designed to host equipments that requires high speed I/O, digital managements on a FPGA, presentations and communications via a standard PC in a small space. See the video that illustrates how build a compact, cheaper and performant custom equipment using a SBC and mini PCIe FPGA Board under Ms-Seven or Linux OS.

The GEB SCE is targeted to be the platform where build Your equipment spending Your time on Your added value, avoiding loss of time dedicated to seek an industrial PC, fpga board with parallel I/O, drivers, OS and so on.

The application field can be:

  • Data recording and playback of radar, sonar, Video, IR sensors
  • Measurement and verification of non-standard protocols
  • Controls if RF or micro wave mux/demux switches
  • Simulators of non-standard protocols
  • Simulation of situation with injection of simulated pattern in real enviroment
  • All equipments that handling and preprocessing analog signals.

This kind of equipments are generically composed of two parts:

  • A custom part, in the field of knowledge and application of the customer
  • A standard part that realizes the graphical human interface (GUI) and the communication.

Similar devices are often made by a PXI subsystem, using a 4U enclosure equipped with a Fpga Board that interface Your custom logic hosted in a 1-3U case. The final result will be that the equipment takes almost 6-7 rack unities, excluding monitor, keyboard and mouse, with a cost of several thousand of Euro.

You can improve Your solution and save money using the Smart Customizable Equipment that make avalilable, in small space at low cost  a modular alternative. It consists of an industrial PC (SBC) fanless, a robust Embedded Operating System Seven with save power-off, one  mini PCIe I/O interface card based on Altera FPGA, in a 2U rack case. The industrial PC is equipped in the basic version, with a CPU Intel Atom D2550 Dual Core, SSD (Solid State Disk) a a 5 inchs LCD touch screen 800×480, and standard interfaces such as 2x1Gbit Ethernet, 2xUSB2, 2xRS232, 2xRS485 (See Family data sheet). The Mini PCIe card make available 53 FPGA I/O with an effective transfer rate up to 250Mbytes/Sec (160Mbyte/Sec in Half Duplex) using the GEB drivers.

see more on page SCE Hardware Configuration

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